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The last thing you want to be dealing with is a heater

that won’t turn on during a cold front or an AC problem in the middle of July.

Having a reliable and skilled HVAC technician on your side can mean the difference between poor indoor air quality/high energy bills and total comfort.

Innovative Air Pros Inc. offers full-service heating and air conditioning services throughout Owasso and the surrounding area. We will take the time to provide a thorough inspection of the problem and present you with the best solution for your home or business.

No matter your needs, you can count on our experts to deliver the quality solutions you deserve, so you can finally enjoy more reliable heating and cooling, lower utility bills, and hassle-free comfort for years to come!

Reach out to our experts today for quality heating and air conditioning solutions in the Owasso, OK area.

Save time and money when you schedule a virtual visit! This feature is designed to help you with non-emergency issues so you can quickly get the answers you need. Our virtual calls connect you to one of our licensed HVAC technicians-not a third-party. Schedule your virtual appointment here.


If you are having trouble with AC short cycling, loud noises coming from the indoor unit, leaking refrigerant, frozen evaporator coils, or a complete lack of cool air, contact our experts for immediate help. We will troubleshoot and carry out system diagnostics to identify the cause of the problem, so you can receive an accurate solution.

Whether your AC simply needs to be repaired or a full replacement is recommended, our experts will discuss your needs upfront and provide you with the personalized solutions you need.

Want to prevent AC emergencies and keep your system running reliably through the cooling season? Schedule professional maintenance with us-we provide system tune ups, safety checks, and full equipment inspections that will help your AC run at peak efficiency. Give us a call today to book an appointment for AC maintenance, repair, or replacement in Owasso, OK.


If your furnace or heat pump is short cycling, or running but not providing any warm air, contact us for an accurate diagnosis and receive personalized solutions that are designed to meet your needs and budget.

An inefficient heating system can lead to poor air quality, drive up your utility bill, and result in unreliable or uneven temperatures throughout your home or business. Get your heating equipment repaired, tuned up, or replaced before freezing temperatures arrive! We provide professional furnace and heat pump services throughout Owasso, and will make sure your heating concerns are safely and efficiently resolved.

We make your comfort our priority! Contact us today to schedule a service call with our Owasso, OK heating and air conditioning experts and enjoy peace of mind and worry-free indoor comfort in no time!

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