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Water Heaters

Professional Water Heater Repair & Water Heater Installation For Your Tulsa, OK Home

The simple joy of a hot shower in the morning is hard to beat. It's great to wake you up, get you feeling energized, and prep you for taking on the world. But when your water heater isn't up to the task of providing hot water, that glorious wake-up can instead turn into a frigid annoyance that can ruin your entire day. To make sure you've always got hot water available when you need it, turn to the team here at Innovative Air Pros for your water heater service needs. From installation to repair, tanked to tankless, we've got you covered - just call 918-205-1613 today!

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Tanked Water Heaters

A traditional tanked water heater keeps a tank filled with water heated to a specific temperature, ready to feed that water into your system when you turn on a hot tap. When you have the right sized unit and capacity for your home, they can provide all the hot water you need - but if your unit is too big or too small, or not running well, it not only fails to provide hot water but can also cost you money. Innovative Air Pros provides repair, installation and maintenance services on tanked water heaters to make sure you've got hot water when you need it.

What Are The Advantages Of Tanked Water Heaters?

  • Lower Initial Costs - Most homes are already set up for tanked water heaters, and the units themselves are a long-proven technology, so the initial price to have them installed tends to run lower than their tankless cousins.
  • Reliable Performance - Tanked water heaters' design has been around for decades, making it a reliable and proven method of providing hot water. Virtually all plumbers are familiar with these types of units and can easily maintain or repair them.
  • Ease Of Installation - There's no special retrofitting or other installation difficulties when it comes to tanked water heaters, meaning the process of having a new one put in tends to be more straightforward.
  • Consistency Of Temperature - The large volume of water held in a tanked water heater helps to spread out the heat as it warms up, reducing fluctuations when you turn on the hot water.

What Are The Signs My Tanked Water Heater Needs Repair?

  • Unreliable Water Temperature - If your water temperature is varying widely, or not staying heated to your desired temperature, there could be multiple issues - a malfunctioning thermostat, broken heating element, or even sediment buildup affecting your water heater's functionality.
  • Unusual Noises - In general, a water heater should run virtually quiet. However, if it's starting to make banging or rumbling noises, there might be excessive sediment in the tank that needs to be cleaned out.
  • Rust On The Tank Or In Water - If you notice rust on the outside of your water heater tank, or if your water is coming out of the tap rust colored, then there's a high level of corrosion that needs to be addressed.
  • Water Leaks - Water leaking around the based of the water heater or dripping from the tank is one of the clearest signs you've got a problem. Address this quickly so it doesn't cause water damage to your home.

Tankless Water Heaters

As the latest iteration of water heater technology, tankless water heaters provide the holy grail of home comfort - near-unlimited, on-demand hot water. By heating water as it passes through rather than all at once inside a holding tank, a tankless water heater is capable of providing hot water wherever and whenever you need it, so long as you're letting it operate within its capacity.

What Are The Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters?

  • Continuous Hot Water - This is the big one. A tankless water heater is capable of providing hot water as long as you need it. Your ten-minute shower can turn into an hour-long spa treatment and your temperature won't drop a single degree.
  • Energy Efficiency - Since a tankless water heater doesn't have to hold a large tank of water to a high temperature, it uses much less energy, which translates to less environmental impact and bigger savings long-term.
  • Longer Lifespan - A tankless water heater can be expected to last up to 20 years with regular maintenance, much longer than the 10-15 year lifespan of a tanked model.
  • More Space - Tankless water heaters are smaller units that can be mounted on the wall, freeing up floor space. This makes them ideal for smaller home or apartments.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tankless Water Heaters?

  • Higher Initial Cost - Tankless water heaters might require special retrofitting or upgrades to your home's electrical or gas lines, giving them a higher installation cost.
  • Inconsistent Water Temperature - If you're using multiple hot water taps at the same time, there may be some brief cold water between hot water flows.
  • Limited Output - While a tankless water heater can provide limitless hot water, the overall flow rate is limited, so if you've got a large household that requires multiple taps all using hot water at the same time, a tanked model might be the better bet.

Contact Innovative Air Pros To Ensure The Hot Water Flows

Whether you're looking to upgrade to a tankless water heater or your current tanked model is showing some signs it needs a bit of TLC, the team here at Innovative Air Pros has you covered. We offer water heater repair and water heater installation, both provided by seasoned experts that have the training and tools to get the job done. If you need help with your water heater, message us online or call 918-205-1613 today!

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