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Ductless Mini-Split AC Repair in Tulsa, OK

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Summer’s in full swing, and there’s a roaring heat wave rapidly approaching. As you enter your home, you search for instant, chilled relief. Unfortunately, though, there’s no such thing—no slightly chilled air and no sound of the ductless air conditioner running. There’s only silence, and an overwhelming ‘welcome home’ blast of hot, humid air.

Immediately, you spring into action, and begin searching for an answer as to why your ductless air conditioner isn’t working.

At Innovative Air Pros, we know that there’s no time to waste when an air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of summer in Tulsa, OK. That’s why our Tulsa HVAC team works diligently to diagnose and repair your ductless mini-split AC unit as quickly as possible.

Look For The Signs

The most common signs that your ductless air conditioner unit is in need of repair include:

• Cool air problems. There are two scenarios that may arise, indicating that your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly. Either there is no cool air coming from your ductless air conditioner unit, or air is flowing from the unit, but it’s failing to reach the desired temperature.

• Poor airflow. Observe the strength and consistency of your unit’s airflow. Seek a repair if the airflow is weaker than usual or if there are inconsistent temperatures present throughout your home.

• Thermostat problems. Since various air-handling units can link up to one compressor, there’s a possibility that only one indoor unit is malfunctioning, while the others are operating efficiently—resulting in temperature inconsistencies from room to room.

• Moisture where it shouldn’t be. Be cautious of moisture or leakage around or near your system. This could be an indication of a refrigerant leak, a blocked or a broken drain tube, or a similarly serious problem.

• Strange sounds. The presence of a squealing, grating or grinding sound indicates a unit problem, ranging from the need for belt lubrication to the need for a full unit replacement. Regardless, seek a Tulsa HVAC professional’s help immediately.

• Strange odors. Be aware of pungent or foul smells stemming from your ductless air conditioner. This may be an indication that there is an array of system problems.

Don’t Delay, Repair Your Unit Today

Don’t let the fear of a costly repair halt you from calling a Tulsa HVAC technician. Often, if a small unit problem is ignored, it can escalate quickly into a much larger and more costly repair. At Innovative Air Pros, our team of Tulsa HVAC experts provides fast, top-notch repairs with our customers’ contentment and budgets in mind.

Contact Innovative Air Pros for Ductless AC Repair in Tulsa, OK

When it comes to your ductless air conditioner, it’s essential to repair your unit as soon as possible—before the problem progresses or the air conditioning unit stops functioning completely.

Fill out our online form or call us today to schedule your repair or chat with a Tulsa HVAC pro team member.