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Heat Pump Repair

When Your Tulsa, OK Home Needs Heat Pump Repair - Don't Sweat It

After a long day of work, you were looking forward to cozying up on your couch. But, just as you lay down to unwind, squealing and rattling noises begin to circulate throughout your home. Curious as to where these sounds are stemming from, you pause your post-work plans and begin to investigate. You follow the noise out of the living room, down the hall and past a few rooms, which leads you straight to the culprit - your heat pump. You start to panic because you know that if you don’t have a heat pump repair done soon, the noises will be the least of your concerns.

Technician With Heat Pump And Ac Unit

Luckily, the qualified heat pump experts at Innovative Air Pros are here to help fix your unit quickly - and to salvage what’s left of your night’s original plans.

Watch For The Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

The best way to avoid costly repairs is by preventing small problems from escalating into larger issues. That’s why it’s important to have a certified Tulsa HVAC technician maintain your unit on a regular basis.

However, your unit will display key signs indicating its need for repair, which, if noticed early, will assist in halting system problems from escalating. Contact us right away if your unit is:

  • Failing To Operate When Put In Heat Mode
  • Sending Low Air Flow Throughout Your Home
  • Exhibiting Leaky Or Noisy Ducts
  • Providing Inadequate Heating Or Cooling To Your Home

Get Your Fix When You Need It

You most likely chose a heat pump for its energy efficiency and money-saving characteristics. So, when a malfunction occurs, the heat pump’s beneficial qualities are diminished, leaving you in a desperate need to restore it back to its peak performance, right away. That's where we come in. Our decades of experience can get your heat pump back up and running again in no time.

Professional Heat Pump Repair For Your Home

If your heat pump is on the blink, it's costing you time, money and comfort. Don't let it. Contact us online or call us at 918-205-1613 to schedule one of our expert technicians today!

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