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Air Quality Testing

Clear The Air In Your Tulsa, OK Home With Air Quality Testing

It’s a statistic nobody can agree on – the air in your home is either 5 times as dirty as the air outside, or over 100 times. But really, does it matter? Even at the low end of that range, it’s possible that your interior home environment is significantly worse to breathe than the smoggy, polluted air outside. That’s why our indoor air quality testing is so important. By finding out what’s in your air, you can learn what you need to get it out of your air, so you and your family can breathe easier.

Two Innovative Air Technicians With Customer On Porch

Schedule an air quality testing visit with one of our professional technicians, and you’ll get a range of solutions that can lead to healthier, cleaner air in your home. Don’t put your family’s well-being at risk – get your air quality tested today.

Uncover The Contaminants All Around You

We don’t mean to sound so dark or dramatic, but let’s face it. There are lots of pollutants in your air that you might not even know about. The only way to be certain is with professional air quality testing – then you can know what you're dealing with, and how to deal with it. Here are just a few of the potential problems you could have:

  • Allergens - Tired of having a sniffly nose or a cough all the time? You might have a number of airborne allergens in your home keeping you in a state of perpetual sickness
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals - Often released by new paint, carpeting or furniture, VOCs are chemicals used in the manufacturing process that might be useful for making new stuff but can be detrimental to your health.
  • Dust Mites - Let's face it. They're in your air, and they feed on dead human skin cells. Don't you want them out of your house?
  • Smoke & Gas - Whether from cooking or heating your home, you could have smoke and gas particulates fouling up your air. Plus, if for any reason your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, that's a potentially deadly problem.
  • Mold & Mildew - Maintaining a healthy humidity in your home is vital to prevent the growth of mold and mildew - but if it's already there, you definitely don't want to breathe it in.
  • Bacteria & Viruses - Just one cough can unleash a veritable zoo of bacteria or viruses into your home, and you can't afford to be the one that breathes them back in.
  • And More... - Chemical pollutants, pesticides, radon, plumbing leaks, insulation, asbestos, auto exhaust... the list just goes on and on.

Why Is Air Quality Testing Right For My Home?

Simple – because you and your family deserve to be healthy and happy. If you just keep breathing the air inside without knowing what’s sneaking into your lungs, it could lead to a lifetime of illness or worse that you just can’t afford. Our highly-skilled professionals are eager to help our customers discover what’s lurking in their air and give them the tools to eradicate it – just as eager as they would be to take care of their own. Because at Innovative Air Pros, that’s what you are.

Take The Next Steps To Care For Your Family’s Health

It might be daunting to learn what’s hiding out in your atmosphere – but it’s well worth it for the benefits of improving your indoor air quality. If you’re ready to schedule your air quality testing, send us a message online or call 918-205-1613  today!

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