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Should I Replace My AC’s Evaporator Coil or the Whole AC Unit?

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Should I Replace My AC’s Evaporator Coil or the Whole AC Unit?
If your air conditioner has been on the fritz, calling in a professional Tulsa AC expert is a must. They can take a look at…
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What Causes the Suction Line to Freeze Up?
What is the Function of a Suction Line within an Air Conditioner? Refrigerants have two copper lines that connect the indoor evaporator coil and the…
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How Does an Air Conditioner Work?
As a homeowner, you should become more familiar with the various systems of your home. When you understand how things work, you also start to…
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Is it Better Financially to Repair or Replace AC Unit?
Should I Repair or Replace My AC System? Having a running air conditioning system is a must-have during the hot summer season in Tulsa, OK,…
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Why Is My AC Suction Line Frozen
Here’s Why Your AC Suction Line is Frozen, and What You Can Do About It  If you find yourself suffering from the summer heat even…
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How To Keep Your House Cool Without Running the AC Nonstop
When Tulsa temperatures begin to rise in the summer, it can be impossible to find relief from the heat. Having a air conditioning system that…
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What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?
A ductless air conditioning system uses individual units to deliver cool air to your rooms instead of ducts. Also known as mini-split systems, they consist…
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AC Frozen? Here’s How Long It’ll Take to Defrost
Here’s a problem you likely never anticipated: Ice on your HVAC system in the middle of summer and your AC is frozen. It’s actually more…
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