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Why You Need To Have A Surge Protector For Your AC

How Do Surge Protectors Work?

Surge protectors are an invaluable device that helps protect your electricity-powered appliances and devices. But how exactly do they work? In the most basic terms, surge protectors serve as a path of least resistance between a power source and connected appliance. When too much electricity passes into the surge protector, it uses the excess electrical energy to conduct it safely away from the device so that the current never rises to a level that could cause damage. 

Surge protectors often have several different components designed for absorbing higher levels of voltage which help control incoming voltage surges. By helping to regulate incoming surges, these electronic items are kept safe from harm due to overvoltage shocks.

Discover the Top Reasons an AC Surge Protector is a Wise Choice

Air conditioners are an essential appliance in many homes and businesses. However, did you know that having a surge protector for your air conditioner is just as important? Without one, it may get damaged from random power surges or dips. A surge protector will provide instantaneous protection in the event of an extreme voltage spike that could otherwise cause serious damage to the unit’s internal components and sensitive wiring. Here are some of the reasons forward-thinking home and business owners invest in an air conditioner surge protector.

Extend The Life Of Your AC Unit

AC surge protectors increase the lifespan of your air conditioner by guarding against sudden swings in voltage, thus reducing wear and tear. By investing in a quality surge protector, you can keep your trusty air conditioner running safely and reliably for years to come.

Save Money On Repairs

An AC surge protector is your air conditioner's best friend on hot, muggy days - it helps prevent high-gauge power surges that can cause overheating or even a complete shutdown of your AC unit. Not only can this save you from discomfort due to the heat and humidity, but it can also save you money - if your system is down for too long, repair costs and the need for replacement parts can quickly add up.

Help Your AC Unit Run More Efficiently

When your air conditioner is having to deal with electrical spikes and unexpected stops and restarts, it is certainly not running at maximum efficiency. An AC surge protector evens out your unit’s power usage, which in turn conserves energy.

Easy To Maintain

A great feature of having a surge protector for your air conditioner is that it doesn't need to be replaced frequently; once installed, it will guard against any and all nasty power spikes with ease. So go ahead, give your air conditioner some extra TLC and protect it from the ravages of our undeniably variable electricity!

Peace Of Mind

When you invest in an air conditioner unit, you don’t want to have to worry that it’ll be fried by a sudden burst of electricity caused by lightning or a power outage, leaving you stewing in hot and muggy conditions. With a surge protector for your AC unit, you’ll be able to rest at least a little easier with one less thing to stress about!

AC Surge Protectors For The Tulsa, OK Area

Being part of Tornado Alley, we here in Tulsa and the surrounding communities know a thing or two about unpredictable weather and electrical storms, all of which are some of the leading causes of power surges. That’s why it’s especially important for people in this area to protect their valuable home appliances- including air conditioning units- with surge protectors. For more information, or to schedule heating and cooling services for your home or office, give Innovative Air Pros a call at 918-205-1613 today.

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