Central Air Conditioner

Always Keep Your Cool, It’s Innovative Air’s Rule

With the power to provide chilled air to every room, while operating at a noise level no louder than a whisper, Innovative Air’s central air conditioners are a proficient cooling solution for the entire home. Energy efficient in their performance and cost efficient in their nature, central AC units are the affordable way to keep you cool, calm and content—all season long.

Central AC 101

Innovative Air’s central air conditioners are highly efficient, mostly because of their two-part cooling system that consists of an outdoor component and an indoor unit. These parts work together to continuously cool your home’s air.

Refrigerant is cycled through these two components and plays an important role in the cooling cycle. With the ability to change its state of matter from a gaseous state with high heat-absorbing properties to a cooled liquid state, refrigerant aids the central air conditioner in absorbing the warm heat from your home and releasing it into the outside environment for cooling relief that lasts.

Innovative Air’s Quality Care is Beyond Compare

At Innovative Air Pros, our expert technicians will ensure that your HVAC unit operates efficiently—season after season. Our central air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services, coupled with our company’s industry expertise, will enable you to quickly determine if a central air conditioner is the right cooling solution for your home.

Central AC Repair

Whether Tulsa’s soaring temperatures caused a minor system hiccup or a complete system breakdown, we know how important it is to get your unit up and running again. With Innovative Air Pros central air conditioner repair services, our technicians work diligently to restore your home comfort and peace of mind. 

Central AC Replacement and Installation

It’s time to stop suffering through another sweltering summer. Innovative Air’s central air conditioning installation and replacement services will provide you with the very best cooling solution for your home—one that is both energy- and cost-efficient. 

Central AC Maintenance

Say good-bye to high-energy bills, costly repairs and frustration-infused headaches by keeping up with your central air conditioning system’s wellbeing. At Innovative Air Pros, our central AC maintenance services allow you to enjoy the warm weather—without worrying about potential breakdowns.

Contact Innovative Air Pros for Central Air Conditioning Services in Tulsa, OK

Whether you’re looking for a new cooling solution for your home, or you’re in need of a system repair, Innovative Air Pros is here to help. Our team will provide quality service and reliable solutions to ensure that your air conditioner adheres to our number one rule: to always keep its cool.

To learn more about Innovative Air’s central air conditioner installation, repair and maintenance services, fill out our online form or call 918.299.1955 today!

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