Winter is Coming—Is Your Heating System Ready?

The Importance of a Maintenance Check-Up Before Winter Arrives

The leaves have changed colors and the breeze now carries with it a crisp, cool temperature; fall has officially arrived. Though, as the fall days pass by, jackets and gloves are beginning to be dragged out of storage, one by one, the summer clothes are being packed away, and the thermostat is being turned to a warmer temperature more often than not—winter is inevitably on its way.

However, as you prepare for the impending frigid air, there is one part of your home that you should pay particularly close attention to: your HVAC unit.

At Innovative Air Pros, our  technicians want to change how you approach winter. Rather than finding a way to get through it, we want to help you learn how to actually look forward to its arrival—and enjoy it while it’s here. To do just that, our team offers effective and thorough furnace and heat pump maintenance services. That’s because the best way to protect your home’s cozy contentment is by maintaining your heating unit’s wellbeing (before the colder temperatures even arrive).

Boots, Hats & Heated Homes

When colder weather flurries in, your heating system becomes the heart of your home: radiating warmth from the depths of its core into the depths your home. However, unexpected unit breakdowns are inevitable and hinder your warm contentment. But, if you are diligent about protecting your unit’s wellbeing by consistently scheduling your HVAC unit’s seasonal maintenance, your unit will be better equipped to handle the colder months that lie ahead.

System Maintenance for a Blizzard of Benefits

Instead of waiting for Oklahoma’s first winter snowfall to arrive, stay ahead of the storm and prepare your unit for winter, now.

Seasonal unit maintenance:

  • Extends a unit’s lifespan
  • Increases its energy efficiency
  • Decreases the cost of utility bills
  • Improves a home’s indoor air quality
  • Eliminates the prevalence of costly repairs

Heat pump and furnace maintenance is a check up for your heating system—and your key to peace of mind.

The Home Comfort Check-Up

Every home and every homeowner’s comfort needs are different, which is why there is more than one possible heating solution. At Innovative Air Pros, we have mastered the installation, repair and maintenance services for the two heating solutions that we feel are the best for you to cozy up to: heat pumps and furnaces.

Heat pumps and furnaces are very different home heating solutions. However, the main difference between the two solutions is that furnaces generate heat, while heat pumps extract heat from the outside air and transfer it into your home. With that being said, each heating solution has system-specific check-up procedures; yet, since they share the common goal of providing your home with heat, there are numerous check-up techniques that fall on both systems’ lists, which include:

  • Checking thermostat calibration
  • Testing capacitor in furnace
  • Inspecting & testing controls and safeties
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Checking motor and blower wheel in furnace
  • Checking & tightening all electrical connections
  • Lubricating motors
  • Measuring & recording voltage and amperages
  • Visually inspecting duct system
  • Checking system static pressure
  • Applying protective coating to condensing unit
  • Checking system operation
  • Checking & recording temperature changes

Take Comfort with the Pros

Innovative Air Pros’ team is dedicated to overpowering your fear of winter’s arrival by ensuring that your heating system consistently provides dependable home comfort. In fact, with reliable heating system maintenance services and high-quality customer care, you are guaranteed to partner with warm-hearted technicians that will safeguard your warm contentment—all season long.

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A well-maintained heating system radiates heat into your home and reliability into your heating system—all season long.

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