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It’s one thing for us to say that we can help you achieve a more comfortable home, but it’s far more convincing to hear what other Tulsa residents have to say about us.

From online reviews to word-of-mouth referrals, there’s no denying it—our Pros continually exceed expectations with innovative solutions and unrivaled service.

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“Couldn’t be happier with Gary and his staff. Very professional, courteous and reasonable rates!”

- Dave C

“They were good efficient and the service pros were courteous.”

- Elworth P

Great communication with sales (Paul) and service (Cody). Professional team in every detail. Delivered the product as described and installed perfectly, in every detail. The installer (Cody) explained what he and his assistant were doing every step of the way… I highly recommend letting Innovative Air Pros assist for all your heat/air issues regarding replacement, upgrading or repair.

- Jack O

“Had them come out and service my system for the upcoming summer. The tech was very professional, prompt and courteous. Their prices were great and offered additional services without seeming pushy. Overall a great experience and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that are looking for a reliable company that will stand behind their product and service. I will use them again.”

- Jake B

“These folks are true professionals. They helped us and went above and beyond to fix our ac in a timely manner. We are so grateful for their hard work.”

- Jill K

“They saved us!!!! When every other place just told us we needed a whole new system and wanted thousands of dollars they actually found the problem and fixed it! Honest, reliable. Would HIGHLY recommend.”

- Jinger M

“They were incredibly helpful and timely in fixing a refrigerant leak on my air conditioning unit. Thanks!”

- Kevin P

Innovative Air Pros, Inc. provided a very fast response to the issue with the A/C unit on my rental property at a great value. They provided a breakdown of the issue at hand and the steps to correct. I will definitely use them again, and will recommend them to any family or friends with similar A/C – Heating system needs!! 7/25/17

- Mike B.

Through innovative we purchased and installed new furnace and A/C units. Working with Innovative was a pleasure from beginning to end. The organization and the description of the quotes and options was miles ahead of the other three quotes we received. Even when there was an oversight that led to the installation of the wrong size unit, they pointed out the mistake, took responsibility for it, and the promptly corrected it. Their team has kept me in the loop with regular communications and updates. Kudos to Paul, Cody and Caleb who really did a bang-up job. We will be using innovative to replace our other unit and for any HVAC needs moving forward. 3/29/17

- Miles M.

Hey Gary, thank you for the kindness and generosity. Again, words can simply not express our gratitude for your firm and your awesome Son, Cody. Geez, Man, what a hero. I’m sitting here just as pretty as you please at a cool 73 degrees, following, an ever so comfortable 72, right on the button, all night long. I’ll tell ya, Gary, Cody’s diagnostic capacity coupled with his clear and patient focus were so disarming. I say that because we had never done business with you guys before and have been going thru a lot of challenges of late with “Our guy”, so, I am pleased that I was, “Disarmed”. Stated in down-home BA vernacular, I was just completely comfortable with Cody.

You guys can build a solid, high-performing company on those traits. They can be taught and they can be learned but they can’t be a part of an organization unless it is a core value that the leadership team possesses. It is obvious to me that these traits are, in fact, core values of Innovative.

I said all of that to say this. Here we are at 4:00 PM on an extremely hot Thursday. Major plans this weekend for our Church anniversary that my wife and I are a BIG part of. Come home from a nice lunch to discover that the A/C is gone, out, kaput! “Our Guy” is out of town and the upstairs is hot as a firecracker. Trying to get ready for a preliminary gig last night in preparation for the big event this weekend and we are “sweating to the oldies”, no worries, though, because I make one phone call and get the right guy immediately and Cody shows up right when you said he would. Not to mention I am informed as to his tracking along the way. He comes out, put’s his booties on, has the company logo shirt identifying him coupled with an impressively wrapped truck. Begins the process with the basics. Checking breakers, fuses, etc. Continues the diagnostic drill down informing me along the way. Searches truck for a particular part which he is missing. Contacts someone and is back in a flash with the component which he needs and botta bing Botta bang, Wa-La, knocks on the door and asks me to crank her up and I am NOW getting ever so cool. Buttons everything back up leaving it better looking than when he came out processed the billing, ever so artfully. Scanned my debit card, how cool was that, and then sent me the receipt thru my email immediately. Thanks me again, removes, said, booties and drives off to the west. Actually, East, but who’s paying attention. 🙂 🙂

OK, Gary, sorry to wear you out with all the accolades and humorous anecdotes but I just have to say this. Man, we as a society are in desperate need for talented, professional tradesmen. The guys who keep the infrastructure working. The baseline guys. Where are they? Most tucked away in some labyrinth of “Air Solutions” company that you never get to. So, some quazi disinterested guy comes out, fails in all areas of Client service, overcharges for work which was underdone (not a word) and off to the next commoditized customer.

Well, not at Gary and Cody’s Innovative Air Pros

Nope, Innovative hit the home run and Cody rules and we are blessed and Jesus is LORD. Which, by the way, is the reason I was directed to you in the first place. Gary, thanks again and oh, I just heard the A/C kick on! Blessings, Buddy!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

- Steve M.



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