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From an assortment of dieting tactics to a medley of exercise programs, when it comes to providing one universal definition for the broad term “healthy,” it’s nearly impossible. However, Oklahoma residents have found one particular instance in which there is a collective definition for health: when it comes to the quality of a home’s indoor environment.

But, how do you know where your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) lands on the health spectrum?

At Innovative Air Pros, our team’s dedication to helping you and your family breathe cleaner, fresher air has led to the development of an IAQ service that will turn your home into a healthier version of itself—indoor air testing. Now, it’s time for you to face the truth about what’s actually in your home’s air.


Individuals tend to become so fixated on what they allow to enter their bodies in the form of nutrition that they often, yet unintentionally, disregard the fact that the quality of their indoor air plays a large role in their overall health, too. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, pollutants in your home can be two to five times, and as much as 100 times more detrimental to your health than the quality of outdoor air.

An unhealthy home environment can cause an array of health problems, including:

• Respiratory conditions

• Allergies

• Asthma

• …And more!

It’s Your Home & Your Health

So, where on the spectrum does your home’s wellbeing land?

Thankfully, indoor air testing can help to identify any potential airborne contaminants. Even more, it can assist you in finding an IAQ solution that will reduce or remove potential health risks from your air—and achieve the long-lasting, healthy home environment that you deserve.

An indoor air test can identify various pollutants, including:

• Secondhand smoke

• Biological pollutants, such as mold, bacteria and viruses

• Combustion and fireplace pollutants

• Radon and asbestos

• Formaldehyde and other chemicals

• Dust and pet dander

• Allergens and spores

In addition, carpets, furniture, and the very materials your home was built from, exude the aforementioned pollutants. Over time, consistent exposure to these contaminants will affect your long-term health.

Indoor air testing is a smart choice for all homeowners, but it is especially important for:

• Chemically intolerant individuals

• Severe asthma and allergy sufferers

• Homes with smokers

• Homes with pets

• Immune-compromised individuals

• Families living in recently renovated homes

Breath Check

At Innovative Air Pros, our team of factory-trained technicians uses cutting-edge technology to uncover the current health of your indoor environment. From testing the efficiency and structure of your HVAC system, to measuring any air or energy leakage that may be present, our technicians will guide you toward the best IAQ solution for your home. With our help, you can have a cleaner and easier-to-breathe indoor environment—all year long.

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With Innovative Air Pros’ indoor air testing in Tulsa, OK, you can say goodbye to unhealthy air—for good. Fill out our online form or call us today, and start breathing easier tomorrow.