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The past three mornings have been dry—and you aren’t referring to the weather. In fact, it has been beautiful outside; however, you’ve been consistently waking up with dry skin, itchy eyes and an assortment of uncomfortable symptoms—but, how?

Well, this may shock you, or at least explain the consistent stream of static shocks, but your home’s air is too dry. That means that you need to add humidity to your indoor environment to alleviate those unpleasant symptoms and restore your overall home comfort.

Thankfully, the Innovative Air Pros team is here to prevent the static shock of it all with our whole-house humidifier installation services. If our years in the industry have taught us one thing, it’s this: all homes need a well-balanced level of humidity to protect the health of its indoor environment, its furnishings and accents, and a home’s occupants.

Why You Should Care About Dry Air

From damage to a home’s accents to the health of its occupants, a home with too little moisture leads to an array of problems. That’s why the trick to having a healthy home is finding the perfect balance of humidity: too much humidity will leave your home feeling hot and sticky, while too little will leave it feeling dry and irritating.

There are numerous benefits that arise from obtaining a well-balanced humidity level in your home:

• Improved home comfort at a lower thermostat setting

• Energy and utility savings

• Cost-effective, whole-home comfort

• Low-maintenance design

• Decreased likelihood of the flu, colds and respiratory infections

• Protection of wood furniture, sensitive electronics and hardwood flooring

Telltale Signs That You Need a Humidifier

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of finding the perfect humidity balance within your home, you may wonder how to know whether adding humidity is appropriate for your home.

Well, thankfully, here are a few telltale signs:

• Dry, itchy skin

• Chapped lips

• Frequent nosebleeds

• Sore throat and cough

• Dry eyes

• Static shocks

• Peeling paint

• Cracks in wood floors and furniture

• Air conditioning feels colder than it should

The Pros That Know Home Comfort

Often, when people think of home contentment, they think of temperature—but not Innovative Air Pros. You see, our team knows that there’s so much more to achieving home comfort, which is why we strive to find the perfect temperature, humidity level, and indoor air quality for your home.

Even more, from air conditioning installations to IAQ services, the Innovative Air Pros team is experts in all things air. So, whether you are looking for a solution that will give you a more comfortable home temperature or for a way to make your air less dry, Innovative Air Pros is the team with the expertise and dedication to help you achieve that home comfort, season after season.

Contact Innovative Air Pros for Whole House Humidifier Services in Tulsa, OK

When dry air overcomes your environment, strive to quench your home’s thirst with Innovative Air Pros’ whole-house humidifier services.

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