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Heat Pump Installation and Repair in Tulsa, OK

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Need help with heat pump repair, replacement, or maintenance?

Our experts at Innovative Air Pros Inc. have all of your heat pump needs covered.

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Whether you’re looking to replace your existing system, have your heat pump tuned up for the season, or need professional troubleshooting and repair, our team has the solutions you need.

We provide the personal attention you deserve, with straightforward explanations and solutions. Our Tulsa, OK heat pump installation and repair experts are committed to providing you with smart, cost-effective solutions that will give you long-term comfort and peace of mind.

Give us a call today for quality heat pump solutions. We provide heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the Tulsa, OK area. Our experts are available for virtual service calls as well–learn more about scheduling virtual appointments here!


Whether you are installing a heat pump for the first time or you are planning on replacing an older system, your heat pump is a major investment. Trust the installation/replacement process to the experts who have helped hundreds of your neighbors in Tulsa, OK successfully enjoy long-term heating and cooling efficiency. Our skilled and experienced heat pump installers will take the time to discuss your needs, make sure your new equipment is sized correctly, and ensure that the installation exceeds the highest safety and quality standards.


If your heat pump is short cycling, making loud or unusual sounds, severely frozen (outdoor unit), or experiencing other problems or inefficiencies, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for immediate help.

Lack of warm or cool air

If your heat pump is running but failing to keep your home comfortable, the problem is likely caused by low refrigerant, a damaged blower motor, or blocked coils. Our experts will troubleshoot the problem and provide you with an accurate solution.

System short cycling

Lack of maintenance can result in short cycling, particularly if the air filter is blocked or if the blower motor is damaged or worn out. Regular air filter replacement and system maintenance will help prevent this and other problems.

Frozen outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is designed to defrost automatically to prevent ice buildup. However, if your heat pump already has pre-existing issues (such as low refrigerant, a damaged fan motor, or faulty defrost relay), your system will have trouble defrosting properly and end up with severe frost buildup. If your outdoor unit has frozen over, contact our experts for help with defrosting. We will identify what caused the problem and have your system running efficiently as soon as possible.

Preventive maintenance can help you avoid unexpected heat pump problems and extend the life of your system. Receive seasonal maintenance reminders with an annual service plan.

Contact us today for immediate heat pump installation, repair, or maintenance services in Tulsa, OK or the surrounding area. Have an urgent problem? We’re here for you with 24/7 emergency heat pump repair!