Heat Pump Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Protect Your Pump & Its Performance

When you’re sick, run-down or your body simply isn’t feeling well, every other aspect of your life tends to be affected by it—especially your job. Whether it’s an inability to meet deadlines or a struggle to even make it through the day, performing work at your typical efficiency standard is increasingly more difficult when your body is not feeling its best.

Well, heat pumps are similar to our bodies; if a heat pump’s wellbeing is not maintained, it will not operate at peak performance.

Like all heating and cooling systems, in order to get the most out of your heat pump system, you need to look after it. If you’re looking to minimize expensive breakdowns, reduce energy costs, and prolong the lifespan of your heat pump, you must be proactive about scheduling routine maintenance and system tune-ups.

At Innovative Air Pros, we believe that proper maintenance is the key to a unit’s efficient operation, which is why our technicians provide reliable heat pump maintenance services in Tulsa, OK to extend your system’s lifespan, and increase its efficiency.

The Fight for Efficiency

Heat pump systems are variable in operation with the ability to provide both heating and cooling comfort to provide yearlong comfort. With that being said, a heat pump system endures stress, season after season, making it that much more important to keep up with your heat pump’s maintenance needs. 

Protect Your Investment

The best way to protect your unit’s wellbeing is by maintaining it. At Innovative Air Pros, our certified technicians perform thorough heat pump system checks to protect your system’s health—and to prevent you from losing your warm contentment or chilled relief.

During our maintenance services, our technicians will:

  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Test capacitors in condensing unit
  • Test capacitor in furnace
  • Test crankcase heater
  • Inspect and test controls & safeties
  • Clean or replace filter
  • Check motor and blower wheel in furnace
  • Check indoor coil
  • Check & tighten all electrical connections
  • Lubricate motors
  • Clean condensate drain line
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Install pan tablet in drain pan
  • Measure & record voltage & amperages
  • Visually inspect duct system
  • Check system static pressure
  • Check and record system temperature drop across the indoor coil
  • Check operation of defrost control
  • Apply protective coating to condensing unit
  • Check system operation

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Don’t let the wear-and-tear of providing year-round comfort affect the wellbeing of your heat pump system. Instead, be proactive with scheduling necessary system maintenance to stop costly repairs from occurring and to protect your unit’s wellbeing (and your home comfort)—all season long. 

Fill out our online form or call 918.299.1955 today to extend your heat pump’s lifespan and improve its efficiency.

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