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Heat Pump Maintenance in Tulsa, OK


When you’re sick, run-down or your body simply isn’t feeling well, every other aspect of your life tends to be affected by it—especially your job. Whether it’s an inability to meet deadlines or a struggle to even make it through the day, performing work at your typical efficiency standard is increasingly more difficult when your body is not feeling its best.

Well, heat pumps are similar to our bodies; if a heat pump’s wellbeing is not maintained, it will not operate at peak performance.

Like all heating and cooling systems, in order to get the most out of your heat pump system, you need to look after it. If you’re looking to minimize expensive breakdowns, reduce energy costs, and prolong the lifespan of your heat pump, you must be proactive about scheduling routine maintenance and system tune-ups.

At Innovative Air Pros, we believe that proper maintenance is the key to a unit’s efficient operation, which is why our Tulsa heating technicians provide reliable heat pump maintenance services in Tulsa, OK to extend your system’s lifespan, and increase its efficiency.

The Fight for Efficiency

Heat pump systems are variable in operation with the ability to provide both heating and cooling comfort to provide yearlong comfort. With that being said, a heat pump system endures stress, season after season, making it that much more important to keep up with your heat pump’s maintenance needs.

Protect Your Investment

From tune-ups to seasonal maintenance, Innovative Air Pros goes beyond the basic furnace maintenance services. Our Tulsa comfort specialists will provide a thorough HVAC unit examination to ensure that your furnace melts away the winter chills.

During our tune-ups, our certified technicians in Tulsa will:

  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Test capacitors in condensing unit
  • Test capacitor in furnace
  • Test crankcase heater
  • Inspect and test controls & safeties
  • Clean or replace filter
  • Check motor and blower wheel in furnace
  • Check indoor coil
  • Check & tighten all electrical connections
  • Lubricate motors


  • Clean condensate drain line
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Install pan tablet in drain pan
  • Measure & record voltage & amperages
  • Visually inspect duct system
  • Check system static pressure
  • Check and record system temperature drop across the indoor coil
  • Check operation of defrost control
  • Apply protective coating to condensing unit
  • Check system operation

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    This Company Rocks ! Innovative Air Pros is a must use ! Chris and Piper did an amazing job! Professional courteous and fast. They explained in detail everything. Pictures and quotes were given on the spot. All parts were on the truck. They were uniformed and groomed well for working in my home. They took great care as they moved through the house. Thanks guys keep up the high standard you set.
    Ryan saved my marriage!If my wife got home from her trip to a hot house, her first stop would have been at the divorce attorneys office!Ryan troubleshot our unit, found we had a blown capacitor, fixed it and went on to find another issue or two that we can fix. Not only that but Ryan offered to put me on a great program they have to periodically come out and check on my unit.Now my house is cool again and my marriage is safe! ;)I definitely recommend Ryan and the guys at Innovative Air Pros!
    Innovative Air Pros replaced my AC in the middle of the hottest week I've ever seen in Oklahoma. Overall, it's probably the best experience I've had with a company in the past decade.There were several things that really stood out:- I talked to their office staff at 3pm and they sent the tech out at 8am the next day.- They made an extra trip out to my house to setup a temporary AC until they could install my new unit 5 days later.- very accurate and responsive schedule. They called and sent a text before each visit. They also included the names of the workers so I wouldn't have to call the "Hey, you" if I had a question.I had an excellent experience with Innovative Air Pros and would recommend them to anyone who has an issue with their HVAC system.
    Completely satisfied with the service. I would recommend to anyone needing to have their system diagnosed and fixed. Ryan was prompt, courteous, down to earth and knowledgeable. Rates were completely reasonable and fair as well. It’s nice to have a company and technician as such that you can trust.
    This local company is amazing! After purchasing my home in May and having a record hot summer, it quickly became evident I would need two new HVAC units. Cody, Ryan and the rest of the team were amazing! They got my old units running until my new units could be installed which happened in less than a week! During the install they were not only thorough with the installation but took careful consideration to care for my home, carpet and more while installing two brand new units. I can not brag on these guys and this company enough! Thank you!
    Outstanding! Called for A/C emergency repairs and they answered immediately and tried to help over the phone at first to save me $$$ without having to come out after hours. I did need them however, and they were there within an hour, quickly diagnosed the problem (leaking coil) and provided an estimate and time frame for repair. Ryan was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He was easy to talk with about the problem and took the time to explain all my options and what I should expect to complete the repairs. I couldn’t be happier that I called them in my time of need. A++++++
    Outstanding customer service. They came out the same day I called and saved me thousands of dollars just by fixing something simple. Caleb explained what was wrong with my AC unit and how he fixed the issue. Awesome tech. I was very appreciative he came out.I had experience with another company, Airco, who spent a total of 10 minutes at my house and then proceeded to tell me I needed a new AC unit. Innovative came out, fixed a blown fuse, and made sure nothing else was wrong with my unit. They never tried to push a new unit on me or sell me the most expensive product. They were honest and assisted with what was needed. Going forward, they’re my first call when I need work done on my AC or heating system.
    Ryan Horn was our technician and he did a fantastic job. He was communicative about what he found, had solutions, and also gave us recommendations. He got us signed up for the Pro Club going forward. We are very happy with our service and especially Ryan!
    Caleb was my tech today and did his best to try to help me move a split unit to a different wall. But my split unit was foreign and a very cheap model, without any type of instructions. It would have been complicated to move and would have cost thousands of dollars. Caleb went above and beyond to help me. He even got online and found me an affordable window split unit that would work. Caleb was very concerned about my problem and did not charge me a penny! Who does that!! Innovative Air Pros does that! Thank you so much Caleb for your help! You are the best!!!

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    for Heat Pump Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

    Don’t let the wear-and-tear of providing year-round comfort affect the wellbeing of your heat pump system. Instead, be proactive with scheduling necessary system maintenance to stop costly repairs from occurring and to protect your unit’s wellbeing (and your home comfort)—all season long.

    Fill out our online form or call our Tulsa heating and air conditioning experts at 918.299.1955 today to extend your heat pump’s lifespan and improve its efficiency.