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Every facility is unique, meaning that every commercial HVAC system requires its own unique evaluation for the most efficient installation, service, maintenance and repairs.

This is where Innovative Air Pros stands out.

If your responsibilities involve facility management, trust our certified technicians with all of your commercial property’s heating and air conditioning operations and needs.

Rooftop Units

Whether being used for office spaces, shopping centers or industrial buildings, rooftop units are designed to provide high-quality comfort for high-volume commercial output.

Air Handlers

From apartment complexes to large office buildings, air handlers have the power and efficiency to regulate, circulate and carry freshly conditioned air to every area of your commercial building. 

New Systems

Innovative Air offers an unparalleled level of knowledge and HVAC system expertise to install the most efficient unit to meet your commercial heating and cooling needs.


Lower your utility bills and eliminate future HVAC repair costs (without disrupting your building’s daily operation). At Innovative Air, our team has the experience and expertise to help you save money with an HVAC retrofit program.

Trust Innovative Air with Your Commercial HVAC Needs

To find out how Innovative Air’s HVAC commercial services can help you better manage your commercial building, complete our online form or call our team today at 918.299.1955.

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