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Professional Air Quality Testing in Tulsa, OK

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Do you have indoor air quality concerns? Need help finding the cause of the problem?

At Innovative Air Pros Inc., we have certified Tulsa air quality testing professionals who can help you test for a variety of indoor air pollutants and recommend the best solution for your home. Common issues tested for include carbon monoxide and humidity levels.

Throughout your home, there could be contaminants that you do not know about that are quietly contributing to air quality problems in every room of the house. Among these are:

  • Household cleaners
  • Airborne particle allergens
  • Gases discharged from new carpeting and furniture
  • Room fresheners and scented candles.

These are common sources of indoor air pollution, but in order to know what is really going on in your home, you need to get the air tested. Let our Tulsa air quality testers help you. Have an Innovative Air Pros indoor air quality test done today in your home – it’s simple.

At Innovative Air Pros, our Tulsa experts in Indoor Air Quality will make sure you have the best solution to your problem. We work with a select group of licensed HVAC contractors that we know and trust who are trained in Innovative Air Pros testing. Each area inside your home can potentially have unique sources of air pollution:

  • Bedrooms might have dust mites in bedding, pet dander, fragrances and dry-cleaning.
  • Family rooms might have tobacco smoke, wood stoves and fireplaces, unvented space heaters.
  • Bathrooms might have plumbing leaks, damp flooring and carpeting, excessive moisture due to sub-standard ventilation, insect debris, viruses and bacteria, household cleaners, and air fresheners.
  • Kitchens might have cooking smoke, gas appliances, household cleaning agents, insect debris, viruses and bacteria, garbage pails, and plumbing leaks.
  • Attics might have outdated insulation, old clothing and bedding, asbestos, dust.
  • Garages might have paints and solvents, auto exhaust and gasoline fumes, pesticides and herbicides, carbon monoxide, hobby supplies (like vanishes and glues).
  • Basements might contain radon, plumbing leaks, viruses and bacteria, dust.
  • Fireplaces might have carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle allergens, chemical pollutants, and temperature, humidity and air pressure issues.
  • Yards might have pollen, dust, pesticides and herbicides.

Interested in what people in your area have experienced? A lot of homeowners, just like you, have turned to Innovative Air Pros for help. Learn about the experiences that other people have had, and how the results of their Tulsa air quality test led to improvements in the air quality inside their homes. Have an Innovative Air Pros test done your home.