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Central AC Replacement & Installation in Tulsa, OK

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Beat the Heat with Ease

As you exit the Tulsa heat and enter your air conditioned home, you feel a flash of relief—yet it dissipates quickly, leaving you, once again, uncomfortable and desperate for relief.

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Lately, your air conditioning unit’s strength has been no match for the summer’s roaring heat waves, indicating that your 11-year-old AC unit has backtracked in terms of its effectiveness.

You’re determined to get the most out of this unit before replacing it with a new air conditioner, but how much longer are you willing to deal with an inadequately working unit?

At Innovative Air Pros, our company’s knowledgeable Tulsa AC technicians will help replace or install the best central AC unit for your home—without exceeding your budget.

The Benefits of Moving on

An AC replacement is a big investment. But, between the frequent need for unit repairs and routinely high energy bills, there comes a point where the financial burden of having an inefficient unit surpasses the cost of replacing the unit altogether. Good thing that qualified Tulsa heating and air experts are ready to help you.

In addition to the cost factor, performance plays a part in an AC replacement decision, too. Technology has improved immensely over the last decade, which means that replacing an AC unit that’s been operating for 10+ years will significantly boost your home’s energy efficiency.

A central AC installation will produce cooler air at a faster rate, maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home, and create a less humid and more comfortable home environment. It’s time to regain control of your cool—and move on to a system that gives you that power.

Improving Your System’s Efficiency Means Improving Your Home Comfort

In order to ensure that your central air conditioner operates at peak performance, it’s important that routine maintenance by licensed Tulsa HVAC pros is properly performed, the lack or presence of insulation in the home is accounted for, and the location of the cooling unit is precisely placed.

Of course, HVAC unit size matters, too. An oversized unit is unable to adequately remove humidity from the air, while an undersized unit is incapable of attaining a home’s desired temperature to achieve complete home comfort.

Telltale Signs of Unit Inefficiency

Telltale signs that your AC system isn’t operating at its maximum efficiency include:

• Unit is more than 10 years old
• Frequently requires repairs
• Energy bills have consistently increased
• Inconsistent temperatures are apparent throughout the home
• Excessive noise stems from the unit

Simplify Your Decision—Choose Reliability

Our team of Tulsa HVAC experts understands the importance of selecting an AC unit that meets your needs and your budget, which is why we tailor our home cooling solutions to match each customer’s personal comfort requirements and financial constraints.

Whether you want to install central AC in your home for the first time or you’re looking to upgrade your current unit to a more efficient system, our NATE-certified Tulsa HVAC technicians will guide you through the replacement and installation process to provide your home with fast, cool relief.

Contact Innovative Air Pros for AC Replacement & AC Installation in Tulsa, OK

Escalated summer temperatures are intended for the outdoors—so, let’s keep it that way. Innovative Air Pros will replace or install an efficient and reliable central air conditioning unit into your home for guaranteed relief the moment you come through the door.

To see how our Tulsa air conditioning specialists here ar Innovative Air Pros AC installation and AC replacement services can be beneficial for your home, fill out our online form or call 918.299.1955 today!