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AC Repair and Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

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Enjoy an uninterrupted summer with timely AC repair or maintenance.

At Innovative Air Pros Inc., our Tulsa HVAC experts can help you handle all of your cooling concerns, from leaks in the air handler to full system replacements.

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We understand how inconvenient it is to have your air conditioner break down during the summer. This is why we make every effort to be there for you as soon as possible. Our team of Tulsa HVAC specialists is available for emergency AC repair throughout Tulsa, OK and can help with routine equipment maintenance as well. As your partner in whole-home comfort, we – your trusty Tulsa air conditioning pros – will make sure you receive the personal attention and quality solutions you deserve!

Contact our Tulsa HVAC experts today for quality AC repair or maintenance services in the Tulsa, OK area. We also offer virtual appointments for quick and easy answers to minor problems–schedule a virtual call with one of our experts here.


If your air conditioner is running but you are not getting any cool air at all, reach out to our Tulsa HVAC experts for professional troubleshooting and repair.

Cooling problems are often caused by frozen evaporator coils, damage to the blower motor, low refrigerant levels, and overflowing drain pans. Our Tulsa air conditioning experts will get to the bottom of your cooling problem and offer the best repair options.

Warning signs to look out for include short cycling (system turning on and off repeatedly), loud noises coming from the indoor unit, and a complete lack of cool air.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Tulsa, OK air conditioning repair team for an honest solution. Your comfort is our priority, and we will make sure the problem is resolved as efficiently as possible.


AC problems often stem from lack of maintenance. When the filter isn’t replaced regularly, or if your system hasn’t been cleaned or tuned up in a while, you may experience a number of problems that include poor air quality and high energy bills.

Homeowners are encouraged to make time for routine maintenance–this includes replacing the air filter every one to three months, as well as working with Tulsa HVAC professional for more thorough system maintenance. We offer comprehensive AC maintenance services for homeowners throughout Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. This involves a full inspection, safety checks, and tune ups. Give us a call to schedule maintenance services or to learn more about signing up for our annual service agreement.


If you have been searching for a reliable Tulsa HVAC technician you can trust to provide quality results and the highest level of customer service, look no further than Innovative Air Pros Inc.! We are committed to getting the job done with honesty and integrity, no matter the size of the job. When you work with us you can be confident that you are getting the absolute best solutions available–all tailored to your needs and comfort goals.

Call today to schedule an in-person service call or make a virtual appointment request. Serving the AC repair and maintenance needs of Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas.